Puma Punku

Puma Punku is located near the Tiwanaku site in Bolivia and is at an elevation of over 12,800 feet. Like many other ancient sites the date of construction is under debate, but many believe it was built around 400 B.C.  Not only are the stones some of the largest in the ancient world, but the method of the intricate carvings cannot be explained by any experts.  The amazing right angles of the cuts and the tiny “drill” holes in some of the stones are astounding.  We have no idea how or why the site was constructed.

Take a look at the masonry of Puma Punku and see if you can explain how these ancient people moved these gigantic stones into place and how they cut them so precisely with the basic tools in the ancient “tool box” that we believe existed during the time.


Notice the tiny “drill” holes on the right


What were these holes for?


Huge solid stones carved with precision


Perfect right angles