Professional Experience

My career in media and marketing for more than 15 years has led me to my passion in the startup community. After many years in the agency world and consulting for the media industry, I launched a digital publishing application called Mighty Vox.

My experience in technical marketing, monetizing digital assests and team management provides a unique perspective for optimizing business strategies and implementing revenue models in the digital space.

I enjoy reaching out to other tech entrepreneurs and small business owners looking to penetrate the massively cluttered industry. There are many “cool” technologies out there for media companies, but I like to say, “cool doesn’t pay the bills”. I believe finding an intelligent application is the key.

My passion for media strategy and extensive knowledge of digital media and ad technology trends helps to optimize client campaigns. As an avid fiction and ancient mysteries writer in my down time, I apply that same enthusiasm and creativity to generate top notch media plans for Pinnacle-Advertising and Elevator Chicago clients.

I also enjoy developing websites and digital marketing strategies for small businesses and startups.

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