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Travel with four unlikely partners on the Great Northern Railway in the early twentieth century, as they attempt to execute a devious plan to bring down America—the newest and rapidly advancing superpower of the world. They end up playing a vital role in the most devastating, yet unknown tragedy in American history. The events of that cold March day in 1910, mortifies the young nation to the point of erasing them from history. Find out the deadly secrets of Windy Point and a small rail town once named Wellington.


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The Cross

Blurring the line between fact and fiction. Professor Rincon returned from his assignment without his crew. The authorities and people back at home needed an explanation. What he told them was a tale no one could believe or even comprehend. While searching for life on other planets, the doomed crew experienced events that still haunt Rincon to this day. And he found that his experience will forever change life for mankind.


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Story Ideas


Age of XFKXL

Do we really know of our ancient origins? We have zero knowledge of any civilization prior to about 12,500 B.C.E., however there is growing evidence of advanced progress. Civilization cannot simply appear 5,000 years ago, we became civilized from hundreds, if not thousands, of years of figuring out our great planet


Project Elevation

Steve has known most of his adult life that he had a special gift, but he couldn’t explain why and no one else could either – until the day he received the letter.  The anonymous letter explaining that he wasn’t alone (there are others like him) and the only way to protect himself was to follow his quest for answers.


Existence (screenplay)

The world as we knew it was wiped from existence after a tragic weather phenomenon froze the earth. A community of survivors fight to preserve life in an underground shelter.  The surface above can reach temperatures of 150 degrees below zero, but their will to live and the quest to find fellow survivors forced the greatest battle for human existence.



The echidna has amazing characteristics combining different creatures from around the globe.  Many consider it a freak of nature.  But when a scientist of a military defense company experiments with human and echidna DNA, the results change the world forever.


One Week

Best friends live opposite lives in search of the same goal – happiness.  One works sixty hours a week in a law firm and the other is a server in a restaurant waiting for his screenplay to break through Hollywood.  What begins as two friends facing the challenges of daily life, ends in a horrifying realization for one and an obsessive journey to honor a friend for the other.


Moon Man

Without the moon, the Earth as we know it would not exist.  One man discovers a secret society of men with the power to play God and destroy the delicate balance between the Earth and its moon, risking the life of everyone on the planet.


In a world full of tragedy, young Susanna discovers a mystical world in the realm between consciousness and sleep.  Her struggle to find her way home, leads her to a man with all the answers of the universe – a man named Majik.
The Underground

Beneath the streets of Seattle lays a maze of corridors marking the existence of the former city that was burned to the ground in the late nineteenth century.  The new city was built over the old concealing the remnants of a dead past. But not everything was dead as archeologist Jake Hanley found out. There is a force living and thriving in the underground and it doesn’t plan on playing nice.