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I remember reading stories with my parents when I was six years old.  I loved learning about the mysteries of science and wonders of nature at a young age.  Whether it was the black panther of the jungle, the red spot of Jupiter or the T-Rex in prehistoric times, I couldn’t get enough.  And when the Choose Your Own Adventure books came out it was like heaven. 

When I was in the 3rd grade, I told my mom that I wanted to be a paleontologist.  Most kids my age wanted to be a fireman or an astronaut, but I wanted to study dinosaur bones.  I think I went through an astronaut phase at some point, and I still want to be a fireman (who doesn’t?).  My favorite people are those that dream about someday doing…everything.  The thought of working with science, nature and history in one profession was my ultimate dream.  Unfortunately, my path did not take me to the world of a scientist—chemistry was simply too confusing.

Luckily, I came from a family of storytellers and after battling with decisions of a career path in college I finally discovered my true calling–to tell stories about my passions while adding my own imaginative twists for fun.  I want to keep my readers guessing; having to go back and read it again to see what they missed.

When I’m not writing fiction, I’m reading fiction.  I fell for the art form from reading the brilliantly researched books of Michael Crichton, the amazing imagination of Cordwainer Smith and dozens of stories from the greatest wordslinger of all time–Stephen King.

I currently live in Chicago with my amazingly supportive wife, son and daughter.

The Cross and Wakonda are the first two published stories from a collection called Driftwood.  The final story, Twins, will be available soon.  I am currently working on a full length novel called Impervious, which is the first of the Aegis Chronicles series. I write under the pen name Brennan Alan.  
I will take you to my suspense-filled world of science, nature, history, conspiracy and imagination.  I like to call it intelligent fiction.
You can read about some of my published work and story ideas here.
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