Elongated Skulls

This is probably the strangest of my favorite historical mysteries.  There have been hundreds of elongated skulls found all over the world. The accepted theory is “artificial cranium deformation”, where ancient people would bind their babies heads to deform the skull.  Some argue there is no physical evidence of this.  Others claim the volume of the elongated skulls is much greater than a normal skull, which would not occur by binding. And some even claim these must be alien or a different humanoid species.

What I find most interesting is that even if the binding theory is correct, why did all these cultures separated by thousands of miles and hundreds of years (thousands if you include the ancient egyptians; see Akhenaten) practice the same strange custom of binding baby skulls?  History says these cultures across the continents had no contact with each other in the ancient world, but they were found in South America, Africa, Europe and even the Australian Aborigines.

Is it just a very strange coincidence?



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